Coming Soon... Information about The Greater Cincy Point Golf Ball Drop.

The Greater Cincy Point Golf Ball Drop is presented by The Smith Family Foundation (“TSFF”) for the benefit of The Ponnt/Arc of Northern Kentucky, a 501 (c)(3) community charitable organization.

The event will be held on November 1st, 2014 at Marge Schott Stadium on The University of Cincinnati Campus. The event begins at 1PM.

90,000 Numbered WIFFLE Golf Balls will be sold and dropped out of Lucy The Pelican.

And who is our pelican?

The pelican legend was first inspired in 1997 during a visit to Old St George Catholic Church on Calhoun Street. She has become the theme for The Celebration of Champions Annual Event which NOW is the signature event for TSFF and our celebration of philanthropy in 2010’s “The Secret of Living is Giving Award.”

Our pelican is named “Lucy” in honor of the events Founder Gale Smith’s deceased mother, Francis Lucille Smith. She will contain numbered Wiffle golf balls to be dropped on the field as the pelican hovers approximately 100 feet above mid-field. Prizes are awarded based on the winning numbered golf balls being closest to a targeted area. This cascading of thousands of numbered balls toward targets will be a spectacle to behold!

Corporate partners will provide an additional layer of funds through event sponsorship.

We anticipate a mass audience, entertainment, music and participating sponsors and charitable organizations. Funds raised will directly benefit social service and UC Student organizations.

Now is the time to be in on this transformational approach to charitable fundraising.

This year’s goal of $1 MM will increase to $2MM by 2015 and exponentially increase in the year’s ahead.









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